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Mystique Mini Now Live

Looking for a quick summer knit? Mystique Mini is now live, as a FREE BONUS with the original Mystique Scarf pattern.

The original Mystique is an elegant long, narrow scarf with lots of styling options. A single statement button secures the scarf at the neck, and Mystique’s long arms can be wrapped multiple times.  Herringbone stitch on a large needle delivers a delicate texture and a balance of drape and structure.

Mystique Mini is a shorter scarf worked in a variation of Herringbone Stitch.  Never worked Herringbone before? Don’t worry! It’s explained in the pattern, and I have helpful video tutorials.

2 for 1 – sweet deal, right? Go check it out!


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Welcome to Ellevate Designs.

Independent Knitting Patterns

I work year round to create new patterns that offer a fresh, sophisticated take on knitting.  I’m passionate about my design work, and I’m confident you’ll find a perfect fit for your next project.

My vision is to foster creativity, inspire learning, and encourage others to take the time for themselves they so definitely deserve!

I believe in inclusive designs, and strive to create patterns that reflect our beautifully diverse communities.  My approach integrates a range of sizing and customization techniques, including tall and petite options, inclusive sizing, and tips for a custom fit.  As a designers and knitter myself, I know how much a seemingly small detail can have a significant impact.

Did you know that knitting is a form of self-care that fosters a healthy state of being?

While we’ve long known knitting as a creative outlet, more recently it’s being recognized as a form of mindfulness. The rhythmic repetitive motion helps us to spend time grounded in the moment, promoting peacefulness, rest, and balance that stays with us throughout the day.

I want to inspire your creativity!

The creative possibilities are endless! At Ellevate Designs I focus on providing you great patterns and an easy shopping experience that will spark inspiration for your next project and encourage your passion for creating.

Photography by Piotr Angiel