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Attracting and Retaining Test Knitters

So you’ve written up your design and you’re ready to have your pattern tested.  Next step: sign up test knitters.  So where do you find potential test knitters, and how can you foster... Read more.


Write a Stand-Out Pattern Proposal

Writing pattern proposals is a crucial part of the design game.  We use proposals to put our ideas out there in the world, in front of publishers and yarn suppliers.  Without great proposal... Read more.


Pattern Proposals to Yarn Suppliers

Should I write pattern proposals for yarn suppliers? Yes!  If you want to partner with yarn suppliers, it’s good practice (and often a requirement) to prepare a pattern proposal.  This not only communicates... Read more.


How Long Should my Pattern Proposal Be?

One question I get a lot (and that I asked myself when I was beginning to write pattern proposals) is how long the proposal should be, and how much detail I should include.... Read more.


Putting your Passion on the Page

So, you’ve got a great pattern idea, and you’ve hashed out a pattern proposal, but you can’t help feeling there’s a little something missing.  Does your pattern proposal not quite capture your energy... Read more.


Where to Find Submission Calls

So, you’re ready to start submitting your patterns to publishers.  Awesome!  You’ve been working on your pattern proposals, and you’ve got some great design ideas.  The next step is figuring out where to... Read more.


Design Sketches: A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

Last week I wrote about design swatches, and I mentioned they’re one of the two most important visual elements of a pattern proposal.  This week I’ll explore the other half of that visual... Read more.


Design Swatches: Communicate More with Less

If you’re a designer or you’re thinking of giving design a try, design swatches are a critical (and fun!) tool in your repertoire of design communication skills.  Learning how to create and photograph... Read more.


Sparking Creativity

What do you do when you need a little creativity boost? If you’re a designer or you’re thinking of giving designing a try, where do you look for your creative inspiration? Do you... Read more.


Tall and Petite Sizing

Let’s talk about an aspect of size inclusivity that doesn’t always get the attention is deserves – tall and petite options. I’m a tall gal, at 5’10”, so this point is near and... Read more.

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