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What is Test Knitting?

What is test knitting? If you haven't done a test knit before, and are curious what's involved and how it works, here's a quick run down of what test knitting is and some... Read more.


How to Knit Textured Stitches

So you want to add a little texture to your knitting projects.  How do you get started? What are the best knitting textured stitches for beginners? Let's look at a couple of great... Read more.


Great Yarns for Beginner Knitting Projects

What makes a great yarn for beginning knitting projects?  There are as many ways to think about this as there are beginner knitters, of course, so how to narrow down the choices?  Here... Read more.


I-Cord Knitting

Let's Learn to Knit an I-Cord Do you use I-cords in your knitting? If not, have you been curious to try? I love using I-cords, either as drawstrings (such as in the Les... Read more.


Knitting Projects for Fall

Fall is a favorite time of year for me, and I hear the same from a lot of knitters. The weather starts to change, there’s a refreshing chill in the air, and you... Read more.


Two Types of Knitting Decreases

If you’re starting to feel confident in your even width knitting and you’re ready to start learning types of knitting decreases, this article walks through two easy knitting decrease techniques that will help... Read more.


60 Second Knitting Tutorial – Saddle Shoulder, Paired Decrease Method

What is it? A saddle shoulder is a shape where the top of the shoulder is flat and sits perpendicular to the stitches at the front and back of the body.  The paired... Read more.


60 Second Tutorial – Horizontal Knit Stitch

What is it? A row or partial row of stitches worked such such that the result appears to be knit stitches sitting perpendicular to the the rest of your work; knit stitches laying... Read more.


Attracting and Retaining Test Knitters

So you’ve written up your design and you’re ready to have your pattern tested.  Next step: sign up test knitters.  So where do you find potential test knitters, and how can you foster... Read more.


Write a Stand-Out Pattern Proposal

Writing pattern proposals is a crucial part of the design game.  We use proposals to put our ideas out there in the world, in front of publishers and yarn suppliers.  Without great proposal... Read more.

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