Frequently Asked Questions

International Orders

Can I purchase outside of Canada/US?

Yes! Customers worldwide can purchase all of our digital patterns and collections, as well as our pattern subscription service, through this site.

At this time, our kits ship to Canada and the United States.


What does my knitting pattern subscription include?

As an Ellevate Designs knitting pattern subscriber, you’ll receive a new free pattern once a month, delivered directly to you.

How do I access my free patterns?

Patterns will delivered directly to you via email.

How often are patterns released?

New subscription patterns are delivered once a month.

When will my subscription become active?

Your knitting pattern subscription becomes active the day you sign up! Sign up today, and receive your first pattern right away.

How long do I have access to knitting subscription patterns?

All patterns you receive through your Ellevate Designs knitting pattern subscription are yours to keep.

Subscription Fees & Payment

How much will my knitting pattern subscription cost?

Your Ellevate Designs knitting pattern subscription costs just $5 CAD / month, and grants you access to one knitting pattern / month.

How will I be charged?

We will process your credit-card on a monthly recurring basis starting from the date of purchase. If you purchase on the 16th, your next payment will be charged on the 16th next month. The checkout page will display your next charge date.

Changing my Subscription

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course, you can cancel your subscription at any time by simply visiting your account dashboard.

I’ve cancelled my subscription and would like to subscribe again. Can I do this?

Yes! Simply repurchase the subscription, or re-activate it from your account dashboard.

I want to cancel my subscription; will I lose access to my patterns?

No! You retain permanent access to all the patterns you received while your Ellevate Designs knitting pattern subscription was active.

Photography by Piotr Angiel