60 Second Tutorial – Horizontal Knit Stitch


What is it?

A row or partial row of stitches worked such such that the result appears to be knit stitches sitting perpendicular to the the rest of your work; knit stitches laying on their side!  This stitch can also be used when working in the round.

Where Do I Use it?

I love using horizontal knit stitch as an edging or to highlight a transition – a change in colour or texture.  I’ve featured horizontal knit stitch to in the hem of the Oak Bark Toque or Fingerless Mitts, and to emphasize the texture transitions in the Oak Bark Scarf.  It’s also featured in the Cedar Shake Cushion Covers, as a way to both visually mark the edges of the front of the cushions, and to create a tendency to fold in the fabric at these edges.  I also sometime use horizontal knit stitch at the beginning of neckline or arm opening edging in tops (more on this coming soon!)

How Do I Do it?

Check out the 60 Second Tutorial here!


Photography by Piotr Angiel