Fibres for Summer


Knitting in the summer? Yes please!  A few small adjustments can make summer knitting comfortable and loads of fun.  Today let’s talk about fibre choices for summer.

Plant fibres are a great choice for summer knitting projects; they’re cool to work with, breathable as a garment, and retain less heat than wool or other animal fibres.  Cotton is a commonly available option, but look also for linen or bamboo.  Blends including plant fibres can also work really well, retaining some of the bounce and squish of wool, for example, while lightening the warmth factor to product a more warm-weather-friendly project.

There are a couple of differences to note when working with plant fibres, compared to animal fibres.  Plant fibres have a lot less stretch, so can feel tighter to work with.  If you find this happening, consider going up a needle size to see if you can get a more comfortable tension.  Plant fibres can also be more likely to adhere to one another; this can make them catch and form knots more readily.  If you’re working with a plant fibre, especially if your yarn has a high percentage of plant fibre, pull the yarn from the outside of the ball.  This will reduce the tendency to tangle.

Another great option for summer knitting is silk.  While not a plant fibre, silk is light feeling to work with and produces a breathable garment that will let the heat out in warmer weather.  Depending on the type, silk can be quite slippery to work with.  Consider using wooden needles for a little more grip.

Definitely give these summer-friendly fibres a try, and enjoy your knitting projects year-round!


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Photography by Piotr Angiel