First Knitting Projects Can Be Stunning


Here’s a question I’m asked a lot – ‘Do my first few knitting projects have to be boring?’

Answer: Absolutely not! First knitting projects can be beautiful, nuanced, and uniquely your style.  The trick is finding great patterns that speak to you.

You have a unique style and outlook, and you like your clothing and accessories to reflect that.  If you’re taking the time to create your own items by hand, they should absolutely reflect your unique self.  Don’t settle for less.

To find learn to knit patterns that you’ll love both creating and wearing, spend a little time leading with your heart.  Find a designer you love, who you know focusses on beginner knitters, or start with a pattern hub (for example, Ravelry or Lovecrafts).  Filter on beginner or learn to knit difficulty level, but other than that, throw the search wide open.  Look more for designs that catch your attention, rather than items you feel you could make.  You’re so much more likely to stick with (and enjoy!) the learning process if you start with a pattern you absolutely love and can’t wait to wear.

The best learn to knit patterns teach 1-3 new techniques, which for most of us is a good amount of learning to keep the project interesting, without being overwhelming. How can you find out which techniques, and how many, the pattern calls for?  Most patterns will list the skills practiced in the text description.  Once you’ve found a few photos that speak to you, read through the descriptions to get a feel for the skills you’ll learn.  If you already have a few knitting skills under your belt, consider looking for a pattern that teaches something new to you.  Just remember, love the design first, then let the technique details guide your decision only if you’re choosing between patterns you know you’d love to wear.

Ok, go give it a try!  Spend a few minutes finding a learn to knit pattern you’ll fall in love with.  Looking for inspiration? I have Learn To Knit patterns to help you get started.  Ready to knit now?  Join Ellevate’s community and grab your first Learn To Knit pattern for free.

I can’t wait to see what you make!

Love and Stitches,


Photography by Piotr Angiel