Hand Knits in the Office


Is it possible to accessorize your business attire with hand-made knits? Absolutely. Here are a few tips to jazz up and personalize your business outfits with knitted garments and accessories.

Think of how colour can play in with your outfit

The first rule of thumb is to think of an inverse relationship between brightness and size. Want to sport a bold colour contrasting yarn at work? Definitely, but consider making a knitted scarf or shawlette that can be a pop of vibrant colour against a more neutral outfit. If you want to take on a larger knitting pattern, say a vest or sweater, try leaning towards a more mellow colourway that can easily pair with multiple items in your professional wardrobe.

Choose a focal point

This brings us to the second point – pick a star and let it shine. Business attire can be a great place to show off unique knitting patterns and one-of-a-kind yarns, but it’s a bit of a ‘less is more’ dynamic. Hand-made knitting is a great way to express your individual style in the workplace. To keep it professional, pick one main element (this can be your knitted piece) for each outfit, and let the other accessories support the star, rather than compete with it.

Decide on the right fibre

Finally, fibre type goes a long way towards expressing a professional vibe. Fibres with a little sheen can be very chic and elegant. Silk, bamboo, and acrylic blends are great options for adding a little shine to your knitted items. Keep an eye out for knitting patterns written for silk yarn or other fibres with lustre; these are likely designed with the drape and sheen of these fibre types in mind and will show them to the best advantage.

So, have some fun with it and express yourself by personalizing your business attire with your hand-made knits!

Photography by Piotr Angiel