Knitted Scarves: How to Choose a Unique Pattern


Do you love knitting scarves, but crave a little more variety in your knitted scarf patterns? Here are three tips to help you choose unique knitting patterns for your upcoming scarf projects.

1. Shape

Who says scarves have to be a rectangle? Think of a scarf as anything that can be wrapped around the neck. Symmetric or asymmetric triangles are a great option. Even with a rectangle, lots of variation in shape can be worked into a unique knitting pattern. With this in mind, widen your search parameters next time you’re looking for a downloadable knitting pattern.

Larger pattern platforms may have search options by shape, and if you’re looking for something designed by a small business owner, consider connecting to ask for recommendations about scarf patterns with a unique shape. Thinking a little outside the box, many small shawl patterns can also work as scarves, and often offer a wider range of shapes.

2. Texture

Texture adds a world of variety, from subtle to bold. A simple shape can be jazzed up with eye-catching textured stitchwork. Depending on the type of stitch, textured scarves can play anywhere from earthy to elegant, with lots of optionality in between. Consider looking for knitting patterns that use a texture new to you; you’ll explore a new look and have the bonus of learning a new technique along the way. Alternatively, a lot of great, unique knitting patterns can be created by combining simple textured stitchwork in unique ways. Try looking for a scarf pattern that uses stitches familiar to you, but combines them in new ways.

3. Transitions

Take the visual interest up a notch by looking for scarf knitting patterns that call for transitions in colour, texture, or yarn type. Colour is a more common transition. It’s often easy to find yarn of the same type offered in complementary or contrasting colour options. Using the same yarn type and switching colours will provide a consistent feel and texture to your knitted scarf while letting the colour shine as the pop of visual interest.

Transitions in texture or yarn type can yield some truly striking changes throughout a knitted scarf. Look for unique knitting patterns that combine different yarn types, either held together or worked separately, or that change the textured stitchwork as you move through the piece. Different yarn types can offer variation in a sheen vs matte finish of your scarf, as well as in the drape of the fabric. Transitions in textured stitchwork can have a similar effect to colour blocking, breaking up the visual lines of your knitted scarf with subtle or dramatic texture changes.

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Photography by Piotr Angiel