Knitting as Self-Care

Knitting items top down

We all need to prioritize self-care now and then.  Most of us are better at giving this advice than taking it!  Knitting is an excellent tool for managing stress, settling the mind and body, and focussing on the present.

What type of knitting project will you find most beneficial to your wellbeing?  It depends on your mood and energy level.  If you want to feel engaged or to lift your energy, choose a design with details that change as you move through the piece.  Colourwork or textured stitches can be a great way to create this more active engagement.  If you’re looking to wind down and take it easy, choose a project you can work on without too much active thought.  My go to options for this mood are stockinette stitch in the round (simple cowls or tops for example) or garter stitch projects worked flat.

Knitting can also be a very gratifying change from more strictly cerebral work, if your days tend to fill with the sorts of activities that don’t always yield tangible, physical results.  I find the physical work of knitting very grounding, and the sensory experience (feeling the yarn, hearing the needles) helps me to focus on the here and now.

Whatever you’re feeling you need today, take some time to thoughtfully select a project that suits your needs, and prioritize the time to work on it.  You deserve it!


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Photography by Piotr Angiel