Thinking About Designing?


Have you toyed with the idea of designing knitting patterns?  Do you have great ideas, but you’re not sure how to turn them into patterns?  Maybe there’s a particular part of the design process that feels intimidating, or perhaps the whole of idea of designing patterns leaves you wondering where to start.

If any of these points sound familiar, I’d love to hear from you! I’m developing an online course for new knitting designers, and I want your input.  The course will cover the design process step by step, tips and tricks for developing and maintaining great relationships with test knitters and tech editors, information on publication options and how to take those first steps into the world of putting your patterns out into the wide world.  My approach to design and teaching also involves a healthy dose of creative exploration, helping you to tap into your unique creative voice, and bring to life designs that exude your unique style.

The best part is, I’m fine tuning the content right now.  If there’s something you especially want to see covered, let me know, and I’ll incorporate your suggestions into the course development process.  How great is that?  Send me your ideas on Instagram @ellevate_designs, or through my mailing list community.

If you’re excited about the course and want to stay in the loop about release dates and deals, hop on my mailing list. As an extra little bonus, you’ll get a free copy of Writing a Great Designer Bio, a little resource I put together to help aspiring designers communicate their style to potential publishers, yarn suppliers, and other partners.

Photography by Piotr Angiel