Unique Knitting Patterns: Pendant Scarf


What catches your eye in a unique knitting pattern? Is it textured stitchwork? Use of colour? For me, one aspect that stands out is a unique overall shape. The Pendant Scarf is a great example of a knitting pattern that stands out for its shape.

What Makes the Shape Unique?

The Pendant Scarf forms a V when laid flat, with a petite triangular front, and long, narrow, tapered arms. The long, slowly tapering arms lend an element of surprise and elegance to this unique knitting pattern and open the door to lots of styling possibilities. The combination of a small, delicate central triangle with long arms allows the Pendant Scarf to create an image of length without adding a lot of volume.

How is the Shape Achieved?

The Pendant Scarf is worked in two main pieces. First, the central triangle is created using increases on both sides. This creates a symmetric triangle; at the same time, the pendant eyelet detailing is incorporated. At the top of the triangle, the knitting is split into two pieces to create the two arms. Increases continue along the outer edges of the arms, and decreases begin on the inside of the arms. The decreases outpace the increases by just a little, creating a slow taper. This produces the long arms with a uniformly decreasing width.

Secondary Features Highlight the Shape

The most prominent detailing on the Pendant Scarf is the large eyelet trio at the front centre. The increasing size of the three eyelets mirrors the increasing width of the triangle, emphasizing this shape. Eyelets also run the length of each arm of the Pendant Scarf, highlighting the long, narrow shape of the scarf. When you wrap the arms, the eyelets create a layered texture. When the arms are worn long, the eyelet emphasizes the length and unique elongated triangular shape of the design. Angled stitchwork also subtly supports the unique shape of the Pendant Scarf arms.


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Photography by Piotr Angiel