Sparking Creativity


What do you do when you need a little creativity boost?

If you’re a designer or you’re thinking of giving designing a try, where do you look for your creative inspiration? Do you have a go-to strategy for when you feel stuck or uninspired?  Everyone feels this way sometimes, and there’s plenty we can do to beat a creativity rut.

Here are some of my most used creativity-boosting tips.  These are the ones I turn to first, when I need a little shake-up in my inspiration.

  1. Play with the yarn.  By this I mean just try things, without a specific end goal.  Thinking ‘play’ rather than ‘design’ helps me to cast a wider net, and often I land on a new idea – a shape, a bit of stitchwork that really shines in this particular yarn, or a design concept that hadn’t occurred to me before.  It’s also, well, fun, which is great for creativity, too.
  2. Listen to music. Music has a powerful impact on our mood and energy, and can completely change how we feel in the moment.  Feeling low energy? Distracted?  Try experimenting with different music styles and see where your creativity takes you.
  3. Change your perspective. Here I mean physically move to a new location.  This can be walking in the forest, setting up for the morning in a coffee shop, or it can be as simple as sitting in a difference spot in the same room. I often find even a simple shift in my physical perspective can spark new ways of thinking about my designs.

Do you have a favorite creativity-boosting trick?  Let me know – I’d love to hear about it!

Fostering creativity and discovering your unique design style will be covered in my upcoming knitting design coursework.  Want to know more? Make sure you’re on my mailing list for the latest updates.

Photography by Piotr Angiel