Learn To Knit Collection

Added on: October 27th, 2021


Learn to Knit is a collection of six scarves exploring shape, texture, and colour, all worked with easy beginner stitchwork. The collection spans fun to edgy, with lots of room to play with your favorite yarns and colourways.

This collection is written to be accessible to everyone.  If you’ve never picked up knitting needles before, you’ll find the instructions you need to understand all the steps in making each design.  If you’re a little more experienced, you can start at the pattern summaries and move straight into creating your pieces.

Each scarf in this collection has an individual style and will make a distinctive addition to any wardrobe.. Make these pieces for yourself or as a gift, and grow your skills as you work through the collection.

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Janice Allen



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Photography by Piotr Angiel