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Beginner Knitting-How to Get Started

Are you new to knitting or do you want to take it up, but you’re not sure where to start? Here are three steps to help you get past the ‘blank page’ effect... Read more.


Personalizing for a Unique Knitting Pattern

Do you like to put your own flare on things? Do you love your unique sense of style and want to show it off through your hand knits? Are you curious about personalizing... Read more.


Garter Stitch: To Block or Not to Block

Do you love Garter stitch? One of the simplest stitch patterns to create, Garter stitch offers such great flexibility. It can be used on its own in beginners and learn-to-knit patterns or combined... Read more.


Hand Knits in the Office

Is it possible to accessorize your business attire with hand-made knits? Absolutely. Here are a few tips to jazz up and personalize your business outfits with knitted garments and accessories. Think of how... Read more.

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Best knitting needles and how to choose

You’re sitting down to a new project and one of the first questions presents itself: how to choose the best knitting needles for this piece? There are a lot of options, and selecting... Read more.


Fibres for Summer

Knitting in the summer? Yes please!  A few small adjustments can make summer knitting comfortable and loads of fun.  Today let’s talk about fibre choices for summer. Plant fibres are a great choice... Read more.

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Knitting as Self-Care

We all need to prioritize self-care now and then.  Most of us are better at giving this advice than taking it!  Knitting is an excellent tool for managing stress, settling the mind and body, and... Read more.

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